v4 deprecated

Last Branch 4 Release 4.5.2

It was published on November 21, 2015.


Stable Release 5.0.12

It was published on February 01, 2018.


PHP_CompatInfo is a PHP library that parse any data source to find out the minimum version and extensions required for it to run.


CompatInfo takes advantage of new features in PHP 5.4.0 or greater.


CompatInfo is strictly tested. Checks code coverage and see by yourself.

Explore all data source

CompatInfo comes with a source provider (based on Symfony Finder component) that allow to parse all data source (single file, directories, archives Phar, Zip, Tar, and lot more).

Solid Foundation

Whenever possible wheel reinvention was avoided. CompatInfo uses code from well-known projects including Symfony Finder, and EventDispatcher.


You don’t find the feature you’re searching for. CompatInfo may be extended easily, without having to hack the code.

Open Source

PHP CompatInfo is open source. It’s hosted, developed, and maintained on GitHub.



All documentation provided in docs folder are in AsciiDoc format (files with extension .asciidoc). They are built with a Python AsciiDoc backend that convert output to an html Bootstrap renders. AsciiDoc-Bootstrap is released under the Apache 2 license.


All source code is licensed under BSD 3-Clause.