Release 3.0.0RC1 is planned

While I still work on new core code of PHP Reflect 2.0.0RC2, the code of PHP CompatInfo 3.0.0RC1 is almost ready.

After to add/fix final details (phpdoc, docs, unit tests), I’ll release the source code on Monday 3rd February.

Of course, if you read also the PHP Reflect’s Blog, you’ll be a bit disappointed because you can’t run the first release candidate of CompatInfo, that will required Reflect 2.0.0RC2 not yet published.

I’m focus now on finish as soon as possible the core code of the new parser version.

As you will notice soon, if you read the source code, you will see a new architecture, but more than that, one feature by layout. So, e.g, CompatInfo will not include parser code, as in previous version 2.

And lot more. Stay tuned, I’ll post more on next days to present features you could not test until PHP Reflect 2.0.0RC2 is out.

Published by Laurent Laville on 2014-02-01