Command-Line preview of future release 3.0.0RC1

Even if full source code of RC1 is not yet ready for a public release, I’ve just uploaded the new branch v3.

Here is a screenshot preview, but you can test it yourself (independant from other software components).


In addition to common commands with PHP Reflect 2RC2, there is another one category:

Allow to introspect the data dictionnary of extensions supported.
Example 1: list all elements of SPL extension
$ compatinfo --profile reference:show spl
Example 2: list all elements of SPL extension that requires at least PHP 5.2
$ compatinfo --profile reference:show --php=">= 5.2.0" spl
Example 3: list only ini directives of Xdebug
$ compatinfo --profile reference:show --ini xdebug
The command that will launch the data source parse process and display final results, depending of your analyser choice.
Published by Laurent Laville on 2014-02-03