CompatInfo 3.3.0 has just been released.

News :

  • Support new stable PHP versions 5.5.16, 5.4.32 and 5.3.29

  • Support PHP 5.6.0RC4

  • GH-121 feature request

  • add new --manifest option for PHAR distribution to show dependencies bundled

  • add new validate command to check syntax of your JSON configuration file

  • Support two new extensions Sync and Yac

Changes :

  • HOME syntax is compatible both Linux and Windows to look for JSON configuration file (GH-122), and file cache location (see cache plugin)

  • clean-up code (removed unused Use statements)

  • remove require-dev entries in composer.json

  • use the same event interface as Reflect rather than a clone

  • fixed PHP versions cell footer color

  • --php option has now a default filter value

Download :

Published by Laurent Laville on 2014-08-21

CompatInfo has a manifest for PHAR distribution

CompatInfo 3.3 and greater will have a manifest on each PHAR distribution.

In Idea to simplify future maintenance, and to provide a way to know what are the dependencies bundled, today, I’ve introduced the new --manifest option (credits to Sebastian Bergmann).

This option print the list of all dependencies and their versions, as follow :

$ phpcompatinfo --manifest
bartlett/php-compatinfo: v3@7af37da40888a9b948dd07a6421b356b5dfc5a44
bartlett/php-reflect: 2.x-dev@bb48ff296937025e883fdaca7e1ad61c26868698
doctrine/cache: v1.3.0
nikic/php-parser: v1.0.0beta1
phpunit/php-timer: 1.0.5
seld/jsonlint: 1.2.0
symfony/console: v2.5.3
symfony/event-dispatcher: v2.5.3
symfony/finder: v2.5.3
Published by Laurent Laville on 2014-08-19