CompatInfo 4.0.0-alpha-1 has just been released.

4.0.0-alpha1 is only available in PHAR version. Source code will be published on github project repository with alpha 2 in the beginning of year 2015.

Plugin System is ready, but all plugins developped (Profiler, Log, Cache) were removed. Reason is that there are not yet customizable by an external config file.

There is an issue with Symfony ProgressBar. I’ve opened a report, so don’t assume it comes from Reflect.

News :

  • Ability to provide a file or a directory in command line, without to specify it in phpcompatinfo.json config file.

  • Ability to write CLI result to file or URL (E.g: FTP) with the --output option. Don’t forget the --no-ansi option.

  • A new compatibility analyser that replaced all others.

Performance :

  • Current code won a gain performance in both side (analysis speed and memory consumption).

Changes :

  • The console --verbose option is now really used with its different levels. Try -vvv to get raw response of each command (easy debugging).

  • Replaces Symfony Console TableHelper, by Table helper (Ready for Symfony 3).

  • Replaces Symfony Console ProgressHelper, by ProgressBar helper (Ready for Symfony 3)

  • Uses Symfony Component 2.5 or better.

If you want to contribute to improve the next major version 4.0, have a look on roadmap.

Download :

Published by Laurent Laville on 2014-12-22