CompatInfo 4.0.0-alpha-2 has just been released.

4.0.0-alpha2 is a major milestone of new API 4.

Source code is now available on branch 4.0, but are not yet installable via Composer.

Here are changes since 4.0.0-alpha1, and of course what’s are changed since 3.7

  • Ability to provide a file or a directory in command line, without to specify it in phpcompatinfo.json config file.

Example 1: analyse a full directory (recursivly) without any exclusion
$ php phpcompatinfo.phar analyser:run /path/to/dir
Example 2: analyse a single file (accept .php)
$ php phpcompatinfo.phar analyser:run /path/to/file
Example 3: analyse a single archive file (.zip, .tgz, .tar, .rar, .phar)
$ php phpcompatinfo.phar analyser:run /path/to/archive
Example 4: with notification of analysis. Different render with verbose level (-v|vv|vvv) or none.
$ php phpcompatinfo.phar --progress analyser:run /path/to/data/source
If you want to limit analysis perimeter, you can do it as in version 3.7 with a phpcompatinfo.json file
phpcompatinfo.json is no more mandatory.
  • Analysers available

compatibility (default)

  • Ability to write CLI result to file or URL (E.g: FTP) with the --output option. Don’t forget the --no-ansi option.

Example 1: writes analysis results to a local file
$ php phpcompatinfo.phar --out=/path/to/output_file --no-ansi analyser:run /path/to/data/source
If your console support color, do not forget the --no-ansi to remove color escape codes.
Example 2: writes analysis results to a remote file
$ php phpcompatinfo.phar --out=ftp://user:pass@hostname/path/to/output_file --no-ansi analyser:run /path/to/data/source

Download :

Published by Laurent Laville on 2015-01-05