CompatInfo 4.1.0 has just been released.

Add support of PHP 5.6.8, PHP 5.5.24 and PHP 5.4.40


  • Implement FR#184 reference:show api may display methods

    Example with date extension
    $ phpcompatinfo reference:show --methods date

Bugs :

  • GH-187 : Composer installation fails to install compatibility analyser

Download :

Published by Laurent Laville on 2015-04-16

CompatInfo 3.7.4 has just been released.

Long Term Support (ended on December 2015)

Bugs :

  • GH-170 : Constant scalar expression detection

Download :

Published by Laurent Laville on 2015-04-15

CompatInfo 4.0.0 has just been released.

This new major version 4.0 now stable, is result of a long work that begun on December 2014.

After 3 alpha versions :

Followed by 3 beta versions :

And finally 2 release candidates :

We have now a unified API for all platforms and usages.

  • Memory consumption and analysis speed were improved.

  • The phpcompatinfo.json config file, is no more required in most case, because we can specify data source (file, archive, directory) directly in command line.

Download :

Published by Laurent Laville on 2015-04-04