CompatInfo 4.2.0 has just been released.

Add support of PHP 5.6.9, PHP 5.5.25 and PHP 5.4.41


  • A new ResultPrinter class for PHPUnit, if you run unit tests as explained in README github project page.

  • Implement FR#197 only report when above a certain version

  • DB structure has evolved to implement FR#196 : Version of Extensions are not reliable

Bugs fixed :

  • GH-200 : Goto statement is not checked

  • GH-199 : Class inheritance lifts requirements to >= PHP 5.3.0

  • GH-195 : Absolutely namespaced classes not properly detected with class_exists()

  • GH-194 : Static method calls don’t properly adjust total requirement

Download :

Published by Laurent Laville on 2015-05-19