Enhance the plantUML plugin

I’ve just committed (f694782) an improvement in the plantUML plugin. Class diagram display now namespaces. Compare both versions :

Figure 1. Previously
Figure 2. Now

See explains in previous post 2014-02-23

Run the command below
$ php bin/reflect --profile --plantUML:run --alias Reflect2RC2 --class="Bartlett\Reflect"

You will get such output.

set namespaceSeparator none

namespace Bartlett {
class Reflect{

namespace Bartlett.Reflect.Event {
class AbstractDispatcher
AbstractDispatcher <|-- Reflect

namespace Bartlett.Reflect {
interface ManagerInterface
ManagerInterface <|.. Reflect

Put in in a file , e.g classDiagram.plantuml, and send the result to plantUML

$ java -jar plantuml.jar classDiagram.plantuml
Published by Laurent Laville on 2014-03-05