Reflect 2.2.0 has just been released.

Changes :

  • toArray() method was removed and replaced by new render() method in AnalyserInterface.

  • fixed error message on analyser:list command when none analysers defined in json config file.

  • Structure analyser follow now the plug-and-play system. Check if installed (see json config file) before to use it.

  • analyser:run command delegated results render to each analyser via the new render() method of AnalyserInterface.

  • add getStartLine(), getEndLine(), getNamespaceName(), getArguments(), isClassMethod(), isInternalFunction() methods on DependencyModel.

  • add getTypeHint() method on ParameterModel.

  • can now detect direct method call reported as a DependencyModel. Usefull for CompatInfo issue GH-100.

  • can now detect multiple internal function signatures.

  • ability to use cache plugin in other SAPI than CLI.

  • a full documentation for all audiences to read it online or offline.

Alternatively, you may use Composer and install it via Packagist.

Published by Laurent Laville on 2014-07-24