Reflect has a manifest for PHAR distribution

Reflect 2.3 and greater will have a manifest on each PHAR distribution.

In Idea to simplify future maintenance, and to provide a way to know what are the dependencies bundled, today, I’ve introduced the new --manifest option (credits to Sebastian Bergmann).

This option print the list of all dependencies and their versions, as follow :

$ phpreflect --manifest
bartlett/php-reflect: v2@aa704f4ab8dd1a6b2b8c0db65c6796717784a29d
doctrine/cache: v1.3.0
nikic/php-parser: v1.0.0beta1
phpunit/php-timer: 1.0.5
seld/jsonlint: 1.2.0
symfony/console: v2.5.3
symfony/event-dispatcher: v2.5.3
symfony/finder: v2.5.3
Published by Laurent Laville on 2014-08-19