We distribute a PHP Archive (PHAR) that contains all required dependencies of UmlWriter bundled in a single file.

Make it executable, and put it into your $PATH.

$ chmod +x umlwriter-1.2.0.phar
$ mv umlwriter-1.2.0.phar /usr/local/bin/umlwriter

$ umlwriter --version

You can also immediately use the PHAR after you have downloaded it.

$ wget
$ php umlwriter-1.2.0.phar --version

With both methods then you have this output :

umlWriter version 1.2.0

See other alternatives in User Guide to install UmlWriter

Generating a Diagram

UML diagrams produced, may be either :

  • restricted to a simple class and its direct dependencies.

  • restricted to a single namespace (with all its objects).

  • non-restricted (all namespaces and their objects).

The following diagram processors (output formats) are available:

  • Graphviz syntax with HTML-like labels

  • PlantUML syntax with default fonts and colors

Detailed descriptions and examples of the diagramming languages are available on the Graphviz and PlantUML websites.

The following reverse-engines are supported:

Generating a diagram statements from a Terminal

  • In graphviz format with bartlett/php-reflect reverse-engine

    $ umlwriter diagram:render --reflector=reflect --processor=graphviz /path/to/data_source
  • In graphviz format with andrewsville/php-token-reflection reverse-engine

    $ umlwriter diagram:render --reflector=tokenreflection --processor=graphviz /path/to/data_source
  • In plantuml format with default reverse-engine (bartlett/php-reflect)

    $ umlwriter diagram:render --processor=plantuml /path/to/data_source

Generating a diagram image

You must have installed correctly graphviz or plantuml before to continue.
  • With Graphviz and png output format

    $ dot -Tpng -O /path/to/gv_file

    Where /path/to/gv_file is a file contening Graphviz syntax statements produced by the umlwriter command.

  • With PlantUML and png output format

    $ java -jar plantuml.jar -Tpng /path/to/puml_file -o /path/to/ouput/dir

    Where /path/to/puml_file is a file contening PlantUML syntax statements produced by the umlwriter command.

    And /path/to/output/dir is the directory where the image will be generated.


Let’s review what we’ve done :

  • downloaded the latest stable PHAR version.

  • created project using Composer.

  • built your first graphviz and plantuml UML diagram (and png image) from any data source.


Choose your way depending of your skill level.

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